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What Is The Average Cost To Paint A House?

After a certain period of time your home requires an aesthetic upgrade. The perfect aesthetic upgrade is giving your house a new paint job, but what is the average cost to paint a house? This question has surely come across your mind. While thinking of giving your house an aesthetic upgrade.

A new paint job gives more to your house then just to refresh its looks. It increases the curb appeal of your house and adds value to your property but the question still remains, what is the average cost to paint a house? Let’s get to the answer.

While we are on the subject of value let us discuss just how can a home owner estimate how much a paint job will cost them? There are several factors that influence the cost, the first factor is deciding whether you want this job to be carried out by professionals or whether you want to do it yourself

Before considering anything else you should consider the above-mentioned factors, because the cost will differ significantly based on your choices. But do keep in mind that the pros know what they are doing, the job they will do, will be more efficient and smoother, as compared to you making this a DIY project,

The pros will do this more quickly on the other hand you will take more time caring out this task

What is the average cost to paint a house?

While we cannot give you an estimate in dollars, because the price of product can vary from state to state and the material you use also differs. For instance, if you are going for mat finish then it will cost more than your average paint.

So, keeping this in mind we will tell you all about the tools cost from which you can easily estimate what is the average cost to paint a house? You could be asking yourself how much cans of paints do I need? Or you could be asking to yourself that why smalls cans of paint cost so much.

To this we can say that. The cost has more to do with materials then equipment. You could be spending hundreds of dollars on paint cans alone. And it all depends on the size of your house. The bigger your house is the paint it will use up and more time it will take.

Coming back to the tools needed to paint your house. You will probably need a lot of tools, gone the simple days of just needing brush to get the job done, after reading about the tools you will realize that calling a professional’s help will be the best thing to do. because if you decide to do the painting by yourself then you will be spending extra on the tools.

Tools Needed To Paint Your House

In order to paint your house you will need following tools

  • Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Sprayer
  • Bucket
  • Masking tape
  • Scrapers
  • Ladder

There tools are the just tip of the iceberg, there are many other things that you will need to finish painting your house, deciding to paint your house by yourself will also make you stick to this, because you cannot leave this job in the middle. Once you started it you need to finish it.What Is The Average Cost To Paint A House?

We have seen many people that have started to paint their house by themselves but at the middle called for experts because it was too hard a job for them. Coming back to the items, we know that some of items that we have mentioned above are already present in your house.

This can make this project a bit cheaper, having said that the price factor usually depends on the size of your house, along with the material of exterior constructions and the number of stories that your house has, and most importantly the quality of paint that you are using.

Determining the price rang for the paint job

Like we mentioned previously the cost of the paint job depends on many factors, but the major factors include how large your house is and what type of paint you are using. If you do choose to hire professional painters then the cost will depend on the company that you hire your painters from.

The price of the painters varies from company to company and in different states there are so many companies that provide you, their services. A simple web search can give you hundreds of options. But how can you tell which company is the best? And which company will give you the best price?

There is a quick and easy way to determining the best company that can give you good rates. That method is reading online reviews. Reading these reviews left by the people can give you a pretty good idea of the working of a company, these reviews are usually given by satisfied customers.

The customers that are not satisfied by a company service will let everyone know. So if you are thinking of hiring a professional to do the job for you it is best advised that you read online reviews about the company that you are selecting for the job.

How Long Does A Paint Last?

If you were wondering how long does paint last in an unopened can then we are here to answer your question. Maybe there are paints laying around your house from the last paint job. If you are thinking of reusing this paint for then it will be great idea to cut some cost. If stored correctly a latex and water-based paint can last up to 10 years.

So, if you do have some left-over paint form the last time you got your house painted then you can use them without any worry. If you had oil-based paints in your house then you will be glade to know that oil-based paints can last to 15 years, given they are stored properly. Read more