Edgewood Landscaping Services – Baltimore and Harford Counties

At The Detail Guys, Edgewood landscaping is one of our greatest passions. Our crew of creative professionals can provide all kinds of custom landscaping services in Bel Air, MD, and other surrounding locations. With our expertise, we can bring together all the components of quality landscaping in order to create a beautiful environment just for you.

landscaping bel air md happens to be both an art and a science. It requires a talent for design and a thorough knowledge of horticulture. As an appreciation of color, style, and personal preference combined with an understanding of climate, soil, and natural elements, it has become a way of life for us. Landscaping remains our passion and will always be one of our most popular services.

Landscaping requires architectural experience combined with construction skill. Our landscape designs in Bel Air, MD, are artistic as well as distinctive. Turn to us to ensure that you receive superb Edgewood landscaping services. High-quality landscaping is a great way to increase curb-appeal as well as bring value to your home or business. The Detail Guys can help boost the value of your property with our many creative landscape design solutions.

With a variety of professional landscaping services in Bel Air, MD, we can customize any residential landscaping service to complete your property and transform it into your dream location. With our expertise and close attention to detail, we will collaborate with you from start to finish to create your unique landscape. At The Detail Guys, we offer everything from backyard landscaping to full redesigns in Bel Air, MD, and other nearby areas such as Edgewood, Forest Hill, and Abingdon.

If you’re interested in our professional bel air landscaping services, contact us today by calling (443)-756-4001 to schedule an appointment.

Residential Edgewood Landscaping

  • Mulching
  • Full design
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscaping clean up
  • Flower beds
  • Weeding
  • And more!

We love a challenge, so give us a call today and Let’s talk about what you’d like! We are the professional Edgewood landscapers that you have only heard about, never met! Hi, we’re The Detail Guys. nice to meet you! Our landscaping crew is the best of the best. We accept nothing less than the best. We love to wow our customers and go above and beyond your expectations. Edgewood Hardscaping service creates an inviting environment that will ensure that your guests feel welcomed!

Utilizing the full potential of hardscaping can add an elegant touch to your property. Not only will hardscaping enhance the landscape, but it will also add direction and design. Additionally, hardscaping will ultimately protect your landscaping. Adding a sidewalk will protect your grass areas and your flowerbeds. Without clean and defined pathways, it is possible for people to walk across freshly laid grass seeds or those prized begonias!

You probably never thought that hardscaping service could also protect the inside of your home. Think about it, when it rains, it gets muddy outside. As people walk through this mud, it is quickly tracked into your home. Now, not only do you have a mess outside, but it looks like mother nature had a mud wrestling party in your front room. Consider adding an elegant walkway to create a barrier between the muddy ground and the feet that will be walking into your home. Have an issue and aren’t sure of the right solution? Give us a call or fill out the form. We think outside of the box to provide you with an amazing solution to whatever environmental issue could be weighing on your mind.

Special D.E.T.A.I.L Package


Lay mulch

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