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How Long Does It Take To Paint A House?

First of all, the answer to this question how long does it take to paint a house depends on many factors, first and foremost it depends on whether you are painting the exterior of the house or the interior, if you are thinking of painting your house’s exterior than other factors come into play like weather and size.

Having said that painting inside of the house is not as easy as one might think, there is a lot of effort that went into painting one’s house, if the exterior of you house is not looking good, then a quick paint job will help your house to get back into shape.

Just a simple coat of fresh paint is enough to make your house look good as new, if you are thinking of making this job a DIY project then let us present you with some facts that might change your mind.

Painting the house’s exterior is not an easy job, it requires a lot of effort and time, there are many new types of materials that were introduced in order to protect your home from different weather conditions.

So, if you want to save your time, effort as well as money then call the professionals which are of course The Detail Guys.

But if you still want to make, painting your house a DIY project then we will tell you about the necessary items then might be useful, and after all of this it is you to decide to whether to do this job by yourself or call an expert. Because as established before there is a huge difference between doing something by oneself and have something done by a professional.

Weather – How Long Does It Take To Paint A House?

If you are doing this by yourself then you should start at the right time, if you think about it, choosing the right time to get started is the most important part of painting. because no matter how much you pre plan, if it starts raining then all of your planes and hard work will go to waste.

There are many ways to counter this and the easiest way is to plan according to your city’s weather conditions, now days there are many applications on your smart phone that can give you a week’s weather conditions predictions.

You can also watch the news and let the weather guy explain to you what is the prediction of rain for the next seven days. You might already know this but we will mention it again just to jog your memory and for anyone that does not know this that, paint sticks better to a dry surface as compared to a wet one.

So, it is always advised that you only chose that time of the year where it rains less, another factor that you must take into account is the humidity, if the conditions are very hot and humid then it will not only be difficult for you to paint but also it will be difficult for the pain to adhere to surface.

Planning ahead can not only save you time but it will also save you effort. Just imagine you painting the whole house and it starts to rain. So always take weather conditions into account, no matter your painting the exterior or the interior.

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Size of the house that is to be painted

The size of your house definitely plays an important part in determining how much time will it take to paint your house. And this ties perfectly with you previously asked question of how long does it take to paint a house?

The average house we are taking about is one to two stories tall and it should contain four or less bedrooms. If you are talking about a house that is three stories tall and have as much as five bedrooms then that house is not your average house but that is a big house and you can have free estimate by calling The Detail Guy.

Size of your Team

The size of your team is very important as it will inevitably contribute in the time that is taken to paint a house. All of the factors that we are mentioning are directly connected with your original question of how long does it take to paint a house.

Now depending on the size of the people working on this project you can estimate on an average house it will probably take a week to finish the interior of a house. Because as we mentioned before, painting the interior is a bit tricky from exterior.

You can consider a simple rule of thumb. The more people are there helping you the faster you can complete your task. For example, a team of ten will probably finish painting your house in about a week time. if you are on a deadline then consider the help of your friends or better yet go for the help of experts.

The experts take less time because they are highly skilled at what they do and they have their work cut out for them. For instance, if experts are working with a team of five, all the five members will be assigned different roles. One will take the bedroom other will take the living room and so on.

By dividing the house in smaller sections and assigning different rooms to your team you can expect even faster results, in case you are making this a DIY project then your team will probably be comprised of your friends which are not professionals at all.

But if you do follow the methods that are implemented by experts then you will probably get the job done by yourself faster and efficient. Read more 


Painting a house varies depending on the type of paint, how many coats you want to apply and what kind of surface it is. The average time for painting a home with latex paint is 3-4 days while oil based paints can take up to 10 days. We offer several different types of services so that we are able to cater our pricing model around your needs. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior work, residential or commercial projects; we’ve got you covered! Get in touch today by filling out this form and one of our estimators will get back with you shortly to discuss all your options – including cost estimates and timelines. It takes an experienced professional less than 24 hours* to come measure, give a quote.”

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