Early Spring Clean-Ups

Early Spring Clean ups

Due to this unusually warm weather and the lovely Groundhog declaring that we will get an early spring, means it’s a great time for you to get your home or business ready for spring and summer planting.

At The Detail Guys, we offer many clean-up landscaping services to clear your yard and beds of all the winter debris.

Some of the services we include in our clean-up projects are:

  • Removing leaves, sticks in flower beds
  • Edging beds
  • Trimming all bushes and shrubs (deadwood, overgrown)
  • Clean up and blowing leaves
  • Clean up any yard debris
  • Move or remove existing bushes and shrubs (if needed)
  • Prep and apply fresh mulch all beds
  • Flowing into spring
  • Plan landscaping, build retaining walls, fire pits, add hard scaping
  • Plant shrubs
  • Split any large bushes


A Sample of a Small Business Spring Clean-Up Project

We started a job for a small business in Harford County, Niche Marketing Company, to do some early landscaping in preparation for their spring yard upgrade. Some of the issues they needed addressed were the unslightly boxwoods in the front yard that were so overground that you couldn’t see the front of the building. We removed four 6 foot by 4 foot boxwoods, cleaned up the area, edged a curved bed and mulched to give a fresh new upgraded look to the front of the building. They were very happy and said that customers never noticed the signs hanging from the porch before.  Now they are clearing visible.

We will be heading back in a few weeks to finish up adding low lying plants and fixing their front walkway so they can use the front door more often for customers.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates on this project.