Brick house

Cost To Paint A Brick House?

If you want to know how much does it cost to paint a brick house? Then you came to the right place because in this article we will be discussing how much does it cost to paint a brick house? So, keep on reading this article till the end to find the answer to how much does it cost to paint a brick house?

Now to predict the cost of paint depends on many factors, some of which are house size, the company which provides painters, and the cost of the paint. Keeping these factors in mind when you decide to paint your house you greatly increase your house curb appeal.

This upgrade to your house is considered an inexpensive and quick face lift. While thinking about painting your house you have to make a choice, you can make painting your house a DIY project or you can hire some professional painter that will do the job for you.

Well in both cases it is very important that you prepare before you take any step. The preparation required before painting your house includes, preparing the surface on which you are going to paint, choosing the right type of paint and even maintaining your painted siding every five years.

We always recommend you to hire professionals which can not only help you save time and money but can also do their job much more efficiently than you ever could. A professional can also determine if the surface you are tying to paint is good enough for painting or not. Professionals can do their job correctly.

Preparation before Painting

Preparing the surface for painting is very crucial, if you want to truly prepare your surface then you should opt for power wash, the cost of power wash depends on the project but if you do get the surface you are trying to paint on powered wash then the painting surface will become more susceptible to paint.

During a power wash you might require mild cleaning agents, to properly wash the surface clean, there is one point to keep in mind that if you do go for the power wash then you do have to wait for 24 to 28 hours before start painting on the washed surface.

If you hire a contactor to do the painting for you then you can ask for the power wash to be added in to your quote. It is always recommended that you let the professional do this task as they know the required pressure that is safe for the walls. If you do decide to do pressure wash yourself then there is a chance of your damaging the walls, and adding more to the original cost.

Paint and Primer

Keep in mind that the items and tools we are describing in our article are to be used while painting a brick house. And while painting a brick house there are so many options of paint to choose from. Now choosing the right paint and primer can be the key of your house looking good.

Cost To Paint A Brick House

While taking about painting a brick house it is important to note a latex-based paint is considered a right choice because of its abilities. Whenever you go to your local paint supplier and ask for the best paint to paint a brick house, he will always recommend latex-based paints.

Having said that depending on the masonry, you may also require a primer. Now days there many paints that have both primer and paint integrated as one, so you can choose that if you like. Here is where experience comes in. a painting professional will know what type of masonry is done on your home and we will purchase the right and appreciate materials that will be needed with minimal going to waste.


Labour varies from contractors; some contracts charge more according to their skill while others charge less. So, there is no in-between, when we say labour, we do not mean only people. By labour, we mean planning and preparation that will be done by your hired force.

create a pastel painting, using fine art papers and select soft stick pastels. Explore techniques for creating skies, leaves, flowers and landscape elements. Paint one or several landscapes, or a still life.

This is common misconception that a painting contractor will only do painting. But in reality, a painting contractor will do all, from planning to execution. Everything will be carried out by the man force. Any experienced contractors when given the job will do everything from removing the old paint to edge and gap caulking.

Now just imagine if you had to do all of this all by yourself, this is not only time taking but also it requires hard work, we already know that you don’t have time for such task, and if you are tired and leave the work midway through there will be no one to help you.

We have seen many people that have tried to make painting their house a DIY project but giving up in midway. We recommend you to be smart and hire professionals to do this job for you.


There is so much that goes into painting, there are additional supplies that are need if you are going to paint your house. These supplies are often neglected when estimating how much does it cost to paint a brick house. But in reality, these supplies are very important and you cannot complete your house paint without these supplies.

The supplies we are talking about are tape, sand papers, and special papers that are used to protect your unpainted surfaces, repair materials, some clean up supplies. All of the supplies mentioned here have variable prices. The overall prices of these supplies will be included in the project as well.

So whenever you start a painting project always keep in mind of these additional supplies that seems less important and cheap but when combined there prices adds up, and these prices end up blowing your budget.

Now when hiring a professional, you should keep in mind that these supplies comes with the professionals, supplies like brushes, buckets, ladders, and many other things will come with the services of a professional.