Vehicle Detailing Services Done in House in Harford County

The Detail Guys put the “DETAIL” in auto and truck cleaning and detailing. We clean your auto or truck inside and out, making your ride a pleasant experience every time you get into your vehicle! Our new large detailing facility allows us to handle vehicles from personal autos to trucks, RVs, and fleet vehicles.

Whether you need a quick hand wash, or a complete cleaning, inside and out, our detailing experts are the best of the best. With the discovery of Covid-19, our lives as we once knew them changed, almost overnight. Our homes quickly became an office or a classroom. We had to quickly resituate ourselves so that we could accommodate all of the new changes that were brought forth during the beginning phases of the pandemic. Words and phrases, like social distancing, became a daily norm.

With the closures of the nonessential stores and businesses, many people simply did not drive often. Our vehicles sat. As they sat, we may have neglected to notice dust collecting on the exterior. Additionally, because we were not getting in and out of our vehicles, the air became stagnant. Suddenly, all of those lingering scents and smells, that we didn’t notice before, are so pungent, it’s now nauseating. Is that a skunk or a rotting piece of hamburger that managed to fall onto the floorboard and got kicked under your seat? Oh, wait. No. It is that tuna salad sandwich from who knows how long ago. Oh, look! There’s the half of a pickle that you dropped when you had to slam on your brakes because the person in front of you waited until the last minute to slam on his brakes and make that sharp right turn. It has wilted rather nicely! Your car smells worse than a supermarket dumpster after the store lost power for a week and the generator didn’t work.

Stop torturing everyone that climbs into your vehicle. Give us a call TODAY and let us bring back that new car clean, AND that coveted new car smell. No job too big, no job too small. One call to us, and we will do it all. We’ll clean your car and the exterior of your home or commercial building. The only question is where would you like us to start first?

We also clean your company vehicles, so your fleet provides the best impression of your business to your customers while helping your employees work efficiently. Contact us today for a custom quote and to schedule your detailing appointment. You won’t be disappointed. We always demand perfection. Your company vehicles are a direct link to your company. First impressions are everything. A dirty vehicle may tell potential customers that you are not worthy of their business. If you have a dirty company vehicle, they may think that you don’t care. When a consumer thinks a business doesn’t care about themselves, they typically choose somewhere else to give their hard-earned cash to. Give us a call today and let’s make that BEST first impression.



Hand wash full exterior, basic interior vacuum, dash wipe-down, rims, and tire dressing

Auto $30
SUV/Small Truck $35
Truck $45



Exterior Wash plus hand wax for ultimate shine and protection

Auto $60
SUV/Small Truck $70
Truck $90



Interior vacuum, condition and shampoo, including rugs and mats

Auto – $100 – $200*
SUV/Small Truck – $100 – $200*
Truck – $100 – $200*

Full Detail


Exterior Wash & Wax plus interior shampoo and cleaning, door jams, trunk jams, rims, tire dressing and basic engine compartment cleaning

Auto $175
SUV/Small Truck $200 – $225
Truck $250 – $275



Includes Full Detail Plus Clay Bar, buff and polish, paint sealant, and wax

Auto $275
SUV/Small Truck $300
Truck $375



Interior Shampoo – Carpet and mats
Auto $50, SUV/Small Truck $55, Truck $65

Interior Shampoo – Heavily soiled and stained
Auto, SUV/Small Truck, Truck $100

Mat Shampoo
Auto, SUV/Small Truck, Truck $20

Headlight Restoration
Auto, SUV/Small Truck, Truck $60

Clay Bar Treatment
Auto $60, SUV/Small Truck $75, Truck $100

Upholstery Cleaning – Call for Estimate

Ceramic Coatings – Call for Estimate

Paint Correction – Call for Estimate

*Prices may vary due to condition of vehicle interior.